Is it time to make a change?

Create the Life and Relationships You’ve Always Wanted

Do you feel like your insides don’t match your outsides—everything looks good on the surface, but messy on the inside?

Do you have turmoil in relationships, have trouble making decisions, or feel stuck in some way?

Do you want to learn to make choices that nourish, nurture, and fulfill you?

Do you feel the constant weight of exhaustion?

Imagine having the guidance you need as you take on both your internal issues AND external struggles in life; imagine learning new ways of relating to yourself so joy can seamlessly flow into every aspect of your life.

Corinne Coppola is a mental health coach who transforms your life from one of conflict and self-doubt to one of connection, joy and love. Through actionable practices in a safe environment, she transforms feelings of depletion, loneliness and anxiety to hope, energy and connection.

“You can rewrite the past and heal yourself in the present moment.”

Corinne Coppola’s compassionate approach provides clients with a safe space to explore their emotions without judgement. She will provide you the skills needed to create meaningful relationships that last through all stages of life.