Are you ready for transformation on a soul level?

Soul Work CAN be fun & joyful!

What if you had a roadmap specifically designed to lead you on a meaningful and authentic life, along with a resilience toolbox full of practices to use when doubt, anxiety, fear, and uncertainty arise?

Is there a part of you that is feeling trapped or stuck?

Is your heart longing for relief from chronic stress?

Do you feel the constant weight of exhaustion?

Do you feel overwhelmed by all of your responsibilities to others?

Is there a part of yourself that questions, “Is this the way I am meant to live”?

Are you navigating a life change that has left you feeling confused, fearful or empty?

Are you missing connection and community with other like-minded women?

When was the last time you paused to rest and focus on what really matters in your life?

Building your resilience muscle and your capacity to love is of highest importance, especially now, given the heightened state of mental health issues, conflict and turmoil the world, and perhaps even in your family, has been experiencing.

If you know you need something, but haven’t quite been able to find it - I invite you to consider one of the Healing the Heart Experiences guaranteed to transform your life and the way you have been living...

Imagine the Possibilities…


an experience of deep rest and healing

feeling empowered to make decisions and choices that are right for you
connecting on a soul level with authentic, like-minded women in community

beginning to create the foundation to live a fulfilled life rooted in truth and grounded in love

making choices on a daily basis that allow you to feel free and joyful with the ability to thrive no matter the circumstances


  • R = Relax and unwind from life’s daily demands
  • E = Examine and identify unsound thought patterns and habits
  • S = Surrender the burdens of your past to make room for a new you
  • T = Transform your life to one of daily connection and joy

How We Do It?

We build a resilience and joy toolkit using a combination of somatic practices, journaling, deep relaxation, nature walks, experiential exercises, small group and individual work focusing on the following themes to create the life you have been longing to live.

Grounded in Gratitude – We begin by focusing on what’s working

Covered in Compassion – We learn practices to soften the inner critic and reduce shame & judgment.

Love in Letting Go – We answer the question “What needs to be left behind?”

Strength in Surrender – We shift our energy from control to acceptance.

Freedom in Forgiveness – We grant ourselves the grace to live in the present and the hope of the future.

Jump into Joy – Giving ourselves permission to move forward boldly, authentically and lovingly.

You've Got Options