IFS: Internal Family Systems Coaching
for Individuals and Small Groups

Discovery. Trust. Restoration.


  • Ready to rewrite your past to bring your inner self to light?
  • Want to feel free and in alignment with your true values?
  • Desire healthy relationships with yourself and others?
  • Curious about your life’s purpose?
Working together, we’ll uncover the parts of your inner Self that aren’t working well or working together, and create solutions that do.

Corinne Coppola leads you on a journey to self-discovery and a healthy mindset. 

Here is what you can expect working with Corinne

Release judgment and learn compassion for ourselves and  others

Discover the power of self-leadership

Normalize reactionary behavior to stressors

Better understand yourself

Alleviate anxiety and depression

Relieve mental and physical issues and symptoms

Learn to say no and set boundaries

Equip yourself for eventual bumps in the road

Improve self-awareness to affect
sustainable changes in your life.

We are all composed of several sub-personalities within us that can function in healthy and unhealthy roles in our lives. And trauma or life events can change even healthy roles into extreme ones. The goal of IFS coaching is to identify the various personalities, relieve their burdens, and build connections between them to coordinate all the parts of yourself together into your true Self.


Internal Family Systems (IFS) coaching helps individuals with the stressors of general life, like grief, relationship and career issues, anxiety, self-esteem, and improved resilience. We’ll work together in trust at a speed you’re comfortable with as we uncover some of the painful and emotional triggers and you learn to access, love and heal your protective and wounded inner parts to create inner and outer connectedness.


Corinne Coppola is a Level Two IFS practitioner, with expertise in group and individual coaching. She also receives IFS mentoring in group and 1:1 consultations.

"When we don’t feel loved or connected, we don’t show up as our best selves. IFS helps us to repair feelings of unworthiness and reminds us that we are easy to love."

Cultivating Calm:

Weekly Mindfulness and Meditation Practice
$ 49 Monthly
  • Wisdom Wednesdays
  • 30 min session / 7-7:30 AM EST
  • These sessions are appropriate for all levels of practice - for the curious and the seasoned practitioner. The sessions will consist of 20 min guided instruction and 10 min discussion and Q&A.
  • You will receive audio recordings of the guided portion of the practice $49/month

1:1 Coaching

For Individuals
$ 997 Monthly
  • 60 min weekly or bi-weekly sessions
  • Unlimited Voxer Access
  • Interim calls between sessions when needed
  • Periodic check-in initiated by Corinne
  • Weekly encouragement videos via text

Healing the
Heart Sisterhood

Limited to 12 participants
  • January 2024 - October 2024
  • Monthly 1 hour theme-based workshop
  • Journal Prompts, Videos & Readings
  • 2nd monthly optional group session - Q&A; check-in
  • Free Access to Weekly Meditation Sessions
Coming Soon



The following are some of the most frequently-asked questions. If you do not see your answer here, please contact Corinne Coppola at corinne@corinnecoppola.com.

Frequently Asked Questions​

Individuals, couples and families can benefit from healing practices. Many of the people I work with are women ages 40s-60s who are educated, health conscious, have raised a family and held a job, and are now questioning many facets of their lives. They are struggling and want to have a better life with increased fulfillment and contentment.

You should begin to feel a shift happening in the first two sessions. Change can happen gradually, or you could have a breakthrough moment that changes everything!

When one person changes things are different, so everybody shifts. The entire dynamic will change for the better.

Each situation is different, however, I often start with the child and then begin working with multiple people within the family system.

Each type of retreat has its own merits. You choose the type with which you are most comfortable. You may also do both types! In VIP, or individualized retreats, you have intensive one-on-one or two-on-one time with Corinne in a structured format. For group retreats, you interact with others to share your healing journey, as well as engage in some one-on-one activity within a structured format

IFS is Internal Family Systems Therapy, a type of individual or small group coaching that identifies and addresses the sub-personalities within a person’s mental system, including their wounded parts, shameful emotions, controllers and protectors. These can conflict with each other. IFS focuses on healing these wounded parts to restore mental balance and harmony among the sub-personalities and the Self.

I want people to live without any regrets, and this involves living a life that is true to yourself. We’ll explore why you feel you have regrets, learn ways to mitigate their impact on your life, and uncover what really makes you happy.

Lots of people feel stuck at various points in their life. This can occur because you have difficulty getting past previous traumas or wounds, you struggle with motivation or over-thinking, or you have low self-confidence, among other reasons. We’ll discover what parts are holding you back and help you discover new ways of getting your mind, body and emotions to work together to create change.

A lot of the people-pleasing behaviors you exhibit you learned as a child. Perhaps you didn’t feel loved, or were abandoned emotionally or physically. We’ll unveil the true “inside you”, train you on how to reprogram these negative images, and teach you how to make choices in your life that nourish, nurture and fulfill you.