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Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Corinne Coppola. In 2007, I was feeling lost, overwhelmed and confused. I had a history of childhood and family trauma, my marriage was falling apart, and my relationship with my family of origin was in tatters. I had also just left a career I loved to focus on raising my children. It was all too much at once. Overall, I was just trying to keep my head above water.

I tried everything to help alleviate the pain of my invisible losses. There were no signs of physical loss on the outside, but my insides were crumbling with grief, uncertainty and self-doubt.

On a retreat to Costa Rica, I experienced a number of “divine synchronicities” and met people who would powerfully change my life and help heal my heart. Through my experience of 12-step recovery programs, spirituality became a key component in my ability to cultivate acceptance, humility and forgiveness. These interactions and the results I observed inspired me to create space for transformations in others.

“I’ve seen miracles happen in my own life and I’m here to serve others.”

Transform to Hope, Energy and Connection

Corinne Coppola (M.A., CTSY) is known for her uplifting energy and commitment to helping clients design lives they love. Within a safe, healing space, she empowers adults and their young adult children to learn new ways of relating to themselves and each other. Clients transform, build resilience, and learn to bring connection and joy into their lives.


Drawing from her more than 25 years in business and leadership roles in the private and public sectors, coupled with her Master’s degree in Organizational Development and thousands of hours of training, Corinne understands what people need to reprogram their emotional and behavioral patterns. She assists clients in recognizing and bringing awareness to beliefs and patterns than keep them stuck, and shows them how to make positive changes using a holistic perspective to shift to an empowerment and resilience mindset.


Corinne specializes in working with those affected by anxiety, depression, substance use and PTSD. Clients work through conflict and self-doubt through mindfulness, conflict resolution, movement and body-centered modalities, IFS and positive psychology.


In addition to working with individuals and groups, Corinne designs and delivers trainings and presentations on mindfulness, compassion and resilience for national and regional conferences. She also works with nonprofit organizations to help bring mindfulness practices to young adults and teens in school and retreat settings.

Trainings & Certifications

M.A. in Organizational Development, Marymount University

Yoga/Mindfulness/Compassion training with focus on a trauma-informed approach. 1,000+ hours.

Non-Violent Communication Practices training

Energy Work training

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